Oh hey, it’s nice to meet you!
I am Alina, artist and designer behind this creative studio.
I create playful illustrations and patterns to be used on products. My artwork style is inspired by Scandinavian design traditions, and could be described as minimalism with a fun twist. I have deep respect for true craftsmanship, and believe that beauty and function should go hand in hand. 
When I’m not creating things or running my small business, I enjoy simple and cosy things in life: long bike rides, sunny mornings, warm drinks and fluffy animals (including, but not limited to, my two cats Mimi and Alpha).
We could have been neighbours in Moscow, Helsinki, Zurich, Lyon, Stockholm or Munich, but today my studio is by the sea in The Hague, Netherlands.
I license my work to partners all over the world, and love commissions and custom orders. Get in touch and let's create something beautiful together 💙
Thank you!
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